"The time has finally come when our girls are old enough to babysit for their younger brother and therefore we no longer require your services for babysitting going forward. I realise payments have been suspend for a while but I just wanted to give formal notice that we wonít be reactivating our membership.

Thank you so much for all your help and support over the years. Discovering your service was one of the best things we could have done; with no local family to rely on you gave us a chance to enjoy a social life knowing that our little ones were always well cared for. Time will tell as to whether our now-teenagers will do as good a job!"

(Seaton family, West Peckham, 09 September 2020.)

"Please can you cancel my membership to the childcare company? My boys have reached an age now where they rarely need a babysitter.

Thank you for the service you have provided over the years, it has been invaluable. "

(Fussell family, Sevenoaks, 02 July 2019.)

"Thank you so much for the service (and ladies) you have provided over the years.† They have all been superb.† My 3 are all now at boarding school as of this September†so I donít think we need any more babysitters!"

(Watson family, Sevenoaks, 15 August 2018.)

"The first week in Sept. we moved back to the US!Ö.needless to say, we will no longer be using your service (shame, as it was brilliant!)"

(Kuntz family, Sevenoaks, 29 September 2017.)

"Just to let you know that I am cancelling the subscription for babysitting services only because Max is older and we don't seem to be needing it. The sitters have been great and you have been brilliant so thanks for the service over the years."

(Tan family, Sevenoaks, 21 September 2016.)

"I wanted to say how impressed we have been with all 3 of the babysitters we have had so far. They have been so lovely with our son - so thank you. "

(Palmer family, Sevenoaks, 12 September 2016.)

"I just want to express how pleased our family was with our sitter. She was so friendly, genuine and professional! We felt very comfortable with her in our home and our son really liked her. Many thanks for the service you provide; it made finding a sitter so easy and more importantly, we had immediately confidence in the carer."

(Anonymous family, Sevenoaks, 01 July 2016.)

"Many thanks Mary for all your help in finding Claire. You were by far the quickest to respond and the most communicative. It makes such a difference so thanks."

(Gregory family, Groombridge, Kent, 14 May 2015.)

"The registration should all be reactivated now. Many thanks for arranging Catherine to sit for us on Saturday, she really was brilliant.

Many thanks. "

(Masters family, West Malling, 17 November 2014.)

"Thank you very much for your help in finding me a baby sitter yesterday. Abi was fantastic and my children liked her very much.

I look forward the next time (I promise to give more notice!). "

(Pointon family, Ightham, Kent, 05 September 2014.)

"Could we get a sitter for Saturday please. Preferably someone we have used before but otherwise no real preferences. They have all been great!"

(Tan family, Sevenoaks, 19 May 2014.)

"Thanks for arranging Tanya to babysit last night she was BRILLIANT - the kids are looking forward to her coming again."

(Hodge family, Sundridge nr Sevenoaks, 12 February 2013.)

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Babysitting Service

We operate a babysitting service covering Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas.

Arranging reliable babysitters for a night at the theatre, dinner with friends or simply to attend parents’ evenings can be stressful and difficult for parents.

We are happy to provide you with local childcarers (nursery nurses, maternity nannies and nannies) to care for your children whilst you go out in the evening. All our babysitters have been personally interviewed, reference checked and screened to the highest standard.

If your would like to use our babysitting service please read the terms and conditions and then register with us. Once registered, you can book a babysitter by following our booking process.